On Word & Upward!

I say this at least once a day.  Something challenging happens, or it’s time to move on to something else and I say, “Onward & upward.”

     One time, in a Facebook writing group, I wrote ‘Onword and Upward.’ Another writer asked me if it was deliberate.


     Perfect!  A tag line!

     Words are important to me. Perhaps my interest in words and writing began in fourth grade with the word Conundrum.  I just liked it. 

     An unusual Word or Phrase sends me to the keyboard where I either write an essay or thought.  Maybe I’ll share them with you.

     I have ‘causes’ which I include in my writing. These include ResilienceCancerMental IllnessAging, and Romance

Here are the tales already written:

Finding Peace (coming July 9)

     Can a middle-aged, cancer-stricken, widowed woman find romance again? 
Can a successful, wealthy, celebrity father with a challenging business and a handful of a  daughter find his Peace? 

Making Magic:

     How does a bipolar woman who creates magic for others, overcome some of her personal issues to find her happily ever after?

     Can the intense son of a sick mother, whose father dies unexpectedly, hide his own issues and find love? 

Overcoming Obstacles:
     Can someone who has thoroughly screwed up his life, destroyed his first-choice career, mistreated women, lost a child, and suffering from PTSD start over? 
     Can a woman who’s dominated by a parent overcome that obstacle? 

Caring for You:
     Can you care for others too much?

  Fine, Just Fine 
Asia’s story - Is a choice you make determined by your age, or others’ influence in your life?

My Tales of Resilience are complicated, but so is life.
I hope you enjoy reading their stories.  I can promise you that they all eventually find pleasant outcomes.  And despite all their hurdles, they keep going.  
As do I.  
As do you.

On Word & Upward!


Written for Nancy's Point, a blog about breast cancer and loss.  Published on December 3, 2019. Special thanks to Nancy for letting me vent, publishing this, and allowing me to place it here.

If you need help understanding cancer and loss, I highly recommend signing up for this blog.

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On Word and Upward!