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It's the annual Blog Tour Challenge from Nancy's Point, a blog about breast cancer and loss.  Nancy asked us to answer a few questions and post them, so here goes:

1.      Who are you? Tell us whatever you want about you and your blog.
My blog was born when I started writing romance novels. Donovan and Lynn from Finding Peace invaded my brain and I took off writing!  Giselle Field, my amazing website designer and brander, said that blogs led to more interaction with readers.

2.     What has been your biggest blogging challenge during this pandemic, and how have you been tackling it (or trying to)?
I am one of the rare people (I think) who has written more since the pandemic started.  I’ve published one book and at least four more are waiting to go!  Oh, and I also moved from California to Iowa, driving.  
3.     What is something you’ve accomplished with your blog that you’re most proud of?
Getting to know how to use my blog has been a challenge because I am tech-challenged!  But I’ve learned that there are many wonderful people who are more than willing to offer assistance if you ask.  Thank God for all of them!
4.    Share two of your best blogging tips.
Start early.  Like many others, I wish I’d started earlier.
Ask for help.  Many people want to see you become successful.
5.     What is one of your blogging goals this year?
I plan to use the actual blogging section more and include a resource page on my website.  My website was designed to promote my books, but my books deal with issues like mental illness, breast cancer, and PTSD. I find that while I want to  share my feelings as a patient, a mother, a caregiver, a teacher, I’m not an authority on any issue. The blog gives me an opportunity to refer people to those who are.
6.    When things get hard, what keeps you blogging, even if not regularly?
When things get hard, I want to vent!  So, I write more! I find that when I write blog entries I do it in multiples.  Something gets to me and I start blogging and that leads to another issue that I want to talk about, and I write about that!  For instance, I just wrote a blog I’m calling Thriver’s Guilt and that led to the topic The Cancer Card. Both have yet to be posted. 
7.     What is a dream you have for your blog?
I’d like it to be a resource for people who read my novels.  If you are curious about cancer which Lynn has, and you know very little about it – like Donovan – then perhaps I’ve posted something in my blog or on my website that might educate you, or can refer you to a place for information.  Or, in the case of the next book, which is about mental illness, I’ve listed NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) as a resource.  Lynn is an international student advisor which I was for nine years.  I refer people to NAFSA, National Association for International Education for up to the minute information.
8.    Share a link to a favorite post you’ve written that you want more people to read.
And if you want a short story about living during Covid, go here:
 Thanks, Nancy!  On Word & Upward!

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  1. So glad you decided to participate in my challenge! I really enjoyed reading all your responses. Congrats on getting your book published. Best of luck with it! Looking forward to reading it soon.

  2. Hi, Adelyn! Nice to connect with you through Nancy's blog hop! Congrats on all your writing! Your advice is spot on. So many times people don't ask for help. Sometimes we automatically assume people don't care or would rather see us fail. I love forward to reading your upcoming posts. I'm a new subscriber!


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