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Pulling the wide blue ribbon through his fingers, my husband was once again making my dreams come true.

Giselle, my awesome cover designer, couldn’t find a photo that worked for my suggestion for a sunhat with long ribbons as a cover prop for my next book, Making Magic.  Here’s why I want that image:

He pulled the blue ribbon through his fingers, back and forth, feeling its soft texture, thinking about how he was glad to have it here to hold when he couldn’t hold her. From Making Magic.

So, I bought the hat, the ribbons, dragged my husband along, and solicited a photographer to create the fantastic cover photo that you’ll see soon.

Cover designing is not my forte, but I have ideas of what I do and do not like.  Covers with cowboys – no. Nothing against cowboys.  I love stories with them! (And hockey players, and rock stairs.)  

Covers showing naked guys with eight-pack abs – not for me.  (Random! Didn’t it used to be called 6-packs?  Did men develop additional musculature overnight, and I missed it?) 

Any kind of cover with period clothing? No. 

Books with a couple on it are okay until I start reading and they don’t match up to the way I see them as I read. By that I mean glaring differences like the main female character has short red hair and the cover is of a vibrant brunette. For me, that’s distracting.

What do I like?  Images that relate to the story: keys, masks, cufflinks, jewelry.  With some authors I’m almost as excited to find out what the cover object refers to as I am to read the story!

Flowers play a huge role in my Resilience Series.  After all, flowers are beautiful, calming, and something most women like except for Stargazer Lilies. Like Lynn, I hate their smell even though they are beautiful.

From Finding Peace:

Dara grabbed the flowers from her father’s arms.

“Well, I happen to know that Lynn hates Stargazer lilies.  Can’t stand the smell of them!”


As she neared the bottom step, she inhaled a very strong fragrance. The scent was overwhelming, causing Lynn to wrinkle her nose.  Carnations and roses in four different arrangements decorated end tables throughout the living room.  Lynn’s friends knew which flowers she liked – and did not like.


Thank God there aren’t any Stargazer lilies.


Just the thought of those pungent flowers made Lynn shiver a little.


So, sorry, no Stargazer Lilies on my covers. 


My cover designer totally gets me.  Understands that I want images, not people.  I’d like to think that my readers see the Lynn and Donovan that I envision. Some writers keep Pinterest boards with pictures of the actors who influence their character.  Not me.  I’ve seen someone who looks like Donovan waiting for a pizza.  I can see Lynn in my head.  One of my sons influences Connor.  Dara is crystal clear for me.  But you know what?  It’s okay with me if my readers see totally different people.


Can’t wait for you to read Connor and Dara’s story!  Until then …

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