Being Resilient – Be Like A Ginko Tree!

Be like the Ginko tree – a truly resilient species. The Ginko tree can trace its origins back to before dinosaurs! They withstand pollution, bad air, salt and time and still produce the pretty fan leaves. My father-in-law said that if you put a Ginko leaf in your pocket, you’ll have good luck.

Load me up!

Resilience is, according to Dictionary online. "the ability of a person to adjust to or recover readily from illness, adversity, major life changes, etc.; ." 

So, in my Tales of Resilience, Lynn is resilient because she is confronting medical problems and recovering in Finding Peace.  Dara, in Making Magic, has her daily struggles with mental health and is adjusting to it.  

But what about people who make mistakes?  Or take wrong turns that cause them struggles?  They are also adjusting and recovering, or as I tell my husband every day, “figuring it out.”  In Overcoming Obstacles we meet Alek and Heather who are both tortured by outside problems.  Alek let his arrogance and his temper get in the way of a promising athletic career, then had to adjust to life as a Marine, and then to significant loss before he meets Heather.  Heather lives with a hovering father who controls her every move, who she feels beholden to until she falls in love with Alek and has to decide what to do concerning her future. 

I my opinion, they are both resilient.  You’ll have to read the book (coming in April!) to find out how they both adjust and recover from their horrendous situations but be assured that there is a HEA at the end of the book.

And if you’re a tree, you just keep digging those roots millions of years later, being perhaps the most resilient entity that exists.

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