She Returns


Ani Keating

She isn't really a new author to me, but I do love her writing! Several years ago I found her on FanFiction and fell in love with the story Aidan and Elisa.  Elisa was an international student who wanted to stay in the U.S.  Since I was an international student advisor, this called to me.  But the man she falls for is everything I wanted in a Book boyfriend - rich, terribly handsome, and prepared to give up everything he has for her.  But he has HUGE issues and they get in the way.  Not telling you any more because it would spoil a great story.  

This book was published in 2015. Ani took a bit of a break, but alerted those of us who loved her that Elisa was calling to her to write book two.  She's writing it chapter by chapter, making it available on her blog: all the original characters are there and some new ones.  The angst is still there, too, and it pulls me back week after week because I have to see this couple make it through!


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I'm a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and very much not perfect. My own multiple health problems led me to write about women who experience life's traumas, but bounce back because they are resilient. I strive to bring happily ever afters to all my characters.

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