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An author friend of mine who I have never met in person (the joys of internet!) revealed her readers’ questions concerning a book she is sharing chapter by chapter on her blog. She’s an amazing author, writes so well, and I love her characters. But her stories have a dark side and for the last few chapters it appears as if I will be disappointed and left without a Happily Ever After.


And I made that clear on her post. She texted me privately and asked if I wanted to know the book’s ending. And even though I want to know that I get the HEA ending, it is my firm belief that authors should be allowed to write their story and that we should not be dictated to by our readers.

Sorry if that offends any of you.

One of my favorite authors is Nalini Singh. She’s well established, has several series going, and dedicated Facebook pages to each of those series. I happen to love her Guild Hunter series as do lots of others. Before the last book was published, she teased about its storyline to the point where there were sides being drawn about what the book was to contain. Would the two main characters – both male – form a romantic attachment?


Well, not to me. I prefer reading M/F romances, I wasn’t going to be offended by her decision. Because she is the author, and she knows where the series is headed!

So, I wrote back to Ani, my internet author friend, and apologized, and then told her my belief. I think now that I will not be disappointed, but Ani is the only one who knows. Just like I am the only one who knows what will happen to my characters.


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