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I'm a pretty prolific reader so this is just a sampling of authors I am currently loving. updated june 5, 2020

I love Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series. Archangel Raphael is my current book boyfriend.  And his mate Elena is the total resilient heroine. Ms. Singh's imagination is beyond belief! I can only wish that someday I could create characters like Raphael, Elena, the Seven, and even the minor characters. I also love her Hard Play series about sexy, rugby-playing brothers, and her Rock Kiss series, about rock stars and their women. There's also a series called Psy Changlings that blows my mind so much that I can't even describe it.

A Touch of Crimson: A Renegade Angels Novel by [Day, Sylvia]
Sylvia Day has been my go-to author since I started searching for MORE after reading EL James' Fifty Shades books.  Ms. Day's biggest series is The Crossfire Series which is set primarily in New York City and has the handsome billionaire Gideon and  Eva, the sexy heroine.  Her characters have their demons and it's quite a ride until they get to their HEA.  She's also written about angels and demons in several other series that I re-read as well.

The Raven (Florentine series Book 1) by [Reynard, Sylvain]
Sylvain Reynard is mysterious . . . readers don't know if the writer is a man or a woman.  I admit that when I read Reynard's writing I'm always thinking "this must be a woman writing this. . . no, it has to be a guy!" No matter.  His Gabriel series features an intense college professor who's a Dante specialist who meets the love of his life, Julia.  They go to Florence frequently so Firenze features as a major character in the series. These books are being made in films for Passionflix.

 I like Gabriel and Julia, but I LOVE the Florentine Series whose main characters are William and Raven.

I thought I'd read all of SA Wolfe's Fearsome series, and then found this gem. I love her main characters - Talia and Peyton.  But it's the antics of the people of a small town in upstate New York that make me go back to re-read.  If you want to read hysterically funny text messages among all ages of characters, many who don't quite know how to utilize modern technology or verbage, this is for you.  I promise that you will LOL.

Love, love, love L.B. Dunbar.  Her Silver Foxes contains  seasoned romance like no other. I'm showing the cover of the book that contains my favorite of her silver foxes:  Tommy. She is also a very quick writer, turning out many books in other series like the Green Valley Library series. Any of her books are wonderful.

I've just discovered Kristen Ashley. This book is part of her Magdalene series, focusing on Jake, Josie, and Jake's family,  and was made into a Passionflix movie. She's another prolific author.  It'll be fun to read more of her writing.
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I'm a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and very much not perfect. My own multiple health problems led me to write about women who experience life's traumas, but bounce back because they are resilient. I strive to bring happily ever afters to all my characters.

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