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      Inspirational, practical, and honest postings concerning breast cancer.  I look forward to reading this each week.

Mental Illness:

National Alliance on Mental Illness
    A grassroots organization formed in the 1970s to help people who care for their loved ones.  I turned to this when I needed help understanding the disease and I now teach one of their Family To Family classes.  Go here if you want information!  The Family to Family class is free as are many other things the organization provides.

International Bipolar Foundation

Another great resource for everyone.

The Mighty

We face disability, disease and mental illness together

With a tag line like that, how could you not look at it? Lots of great suggestions here!

Here's the website for one of my favorite editors:  Richard Bradburn:

And for tips about becoming a writer, publishing, etc., you can't beat Jane Friedman:
   I follow several of her newsletters and have her book next to my favorite chair.
The Business of Being a Writer (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing)

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